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Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Addiction Treatment Center In Ventura County, CA

Our vision

Reward Path Recovery is a new Ventura rehab approach to staying clean designed to supplement other more established means such as the 12-Step programs. It blends up to date biological and psychological science with the tried and true traditional recovery culture, setting both within a framework that better harnesses a person’s natural motivation. We are the best drug rehab Ventura County has to offer.

Substance Abuse Treatment That Works for You

We stand among the best rehab centers Ventura County has. At Reward Path Recovery, we understand the importance of providing both mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment together. Approximately 50% of those living with mental health disorders are also living with a substance abuse disorder.

A substance may be abused in an effort to cope with an untreated mental disorder, or the stress related to that disorder. 

When the two go hand and hand, it can often be difficult to find drug and alcohol rehab that’s effective. Treating one disorder without treating the other can lead to insubstantial treatment.

Reward Path Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center that provides treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders. 

With over 29 different types of treatment offered and over 26 dual diagnoses, we’re confident we can help you regain back control over your life.

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

It can be challenging to recover from a substance abuse disorder when you’re living in a toxic or stressful environment. Reward Path Recovery’s inpatient rehabilitation program gives you the opportunity to step out from the hustle and bustle to focus on yourself and your recovery. We offer luxury amenities and modern accommodations in a beautiful Queen Anne home that includes music and art therapies, holistic therapies, exercise classes, yoga, and more.

While Reward Path Recovery functions like a luxury rehabilitation center, we also provide 24/7 medical care and counseling services. With us at your side, you never have to feel like you’re going through your substance abuse recovery on your own.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment Ventura County residents know is effective and worthwhile, Reward Path Recovery is the substance abuse treatment center for you. For more information about our substance abuse treatment services or dual diagnosis treatment, contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

A Holistic Approach to Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

We like to think of ourselves as a Ventura health center as much as we are a rehabilitation center.

Our treatment program is tremendously engaging, as it promotes social interaction, a focus on personal development, and re-integration preparation elements to ensure the eventual transition is as smooth as possible.

You Deserve Comprehensive Drug Addiction Treatment

Our attentiveness is one of our greatest assets, and a big part of this is understanding that you are more than the sum of your mistakes.

Like the continuing care retirement community does for those whom it treats, we are committed to providing an addiction treatment program with you at the center. Every situation is unique as is every individual, and we will embody this principle in everything we do.

We understand the level of responsibility bestowed on treatment centers and that such services must be provided as comprehensively and as subjectively as possible. Treatment programs must be tailored to those they are intended to help.

This may come in the form of proactively ensuring addiction medicine requirements are fulfilled, as well as accurately diagnosing and treating co-occurring disorders, where present.

You can rest assured that we will use a combination of compassionate care and relevant expertise to treat you or your family member as effectively as possible.


About Us

Reward Path Recovery Center is a detox and residential treatment center that is redefining the industry standard and offers an alternative method for gaining freedom from addiction. The human brain is hard-wired to repeat rewarding (pleasure inducing) behaviors; we naturally crave more of what feels good. While this fact sadly drives chemical addiction, it can also be repurposed to guide those afflicted back to health and safety. This is the Reward Path.

Located in the heart of Ventura County, the Baker House, built in 1898, is a whimsical, newly renovated Queen Anne style home where you can begin your reward filled journey. Our dedicated and diverse staff of medical doctors, licensed psychologists, and addiction disorders counselors are highly trained in a wide variety of treatment modalities. Each client is offered a personalized treatment plan lovingly crafted by our team of experts. We provide a warm and supportive healing environment where science meets the soul of recovery.

Reward Path blends modern biological and psychological science with the tried-and-true of traditional recovery culture, setting both within a framework that better harnesses a person’s natural motivation.

our founder talks about the unique reward path recovery program

our founder talks about the unique reward path recovery program

"The Reward Path Recovery Program builds an effective bridge between psychiatry / medicine and traditional recovery culture."

– Michael vivian (founder)

What makes us different

Reward Path Recovery is unique in how it combines methods that are decidedly pro-reward (as much as possible using carrots vs. sticks), pro-patient (identifying and addressing the unmet healthy needs that drive drug use), inclusive (drawing upon the strengths of many different schools of thought), current, non-denominational (honoring all faiths, but promoting none in particular), and rational (explaining why as opposed to encouraging surrender).  It is our experience that these additions and this reformulation make the recovery process more enjoyable and effective for those suffering, whether they are new to recovery, returning to recovery, or in recovery but feeling that their personal growth toolkit is incomplete.

  • Reward Path is located in a beautiful, uplifting Victorian home (listed on the local register of historical landmarks) with mountain views.
  • Reward Path enjoys the mild Southern California climate with nearby beaches and mountain wilderness trails for recreational outings.
  • Reward Path has its own signature workbook. In addition to providing addiction treatment standard of care curriculum, owner/founder and retired psychiatrist in recovery, Michael Vivian, has developed an innovative, supplemental workbook called “Reward Path Recovery” based on his academic, professional, and personal experience. He applies the excellence of his UCLA education and UC San Francisco training to expand and enrich the down-to-earth soul of traditional recovery culture.
  • Reward Path’s all recovering staff have been hand-selected for their expertise in providing not just state-of-the-art addiction treatment, but also truly informed dual-diagnosis care.
  • Reward Path facilitates the involvement of local recoverers with decades of sobriety in order to provide clients with extra guidance and support.

The Excellent Staff complement

Beyond the reasons covered above, Reward Path’s all recovering staff have been hand-selected for their expertise in providing not just state-of-the-art addiction treatment, but also truly informed dual-diagnosis care.

As a holistic Ventura health and rehabilitation center, we recognized the need to ensure that the people who will form a part of your process were expertly selected.

You would expect that there are trained counselors, licensed psychologists, and qualified medical doctors present.

While this is all true, we look for more in those we add to our team. Remember that we have a vested interest in your recovery.

Therefore, those we employ must exude passion and dedication to our services.

To our staff members, it’s more than just a job that’s being done. It’s the recognition of a duty that has been bestowed on us and a sense of desire to execute it.

You’re in good hands both literally and figuratively with Reward Path Recovery in your corner.

Why You Shouldn't Neglect to Be Treated

Understandably, you may be hesitant to make that step to get the help you need. Rest assured, however, that Reward Path Recovery is a judgment-free zone. Our concern is to help you be the best version of yourself.

Whatever may have happened before does not need to define you and it will not change our compassionate approach towards you.

What are some of the reasons to seek treatment with Reward Path Recovery?

  • Regain control of your social life
  • Escape the expensive habit of addiction
  • Improve your mental and spiritual well being
  • Improve your physical health
  • Rebuild relationships that addiction may have damaged

What makes us different?

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Reward Path Recovery accepts most insurance policies

Please contact us today and one of our friendly staff members will verify your PPO policy coverage for inpatient treatment & detox.

We also accept cash pay and partial cash pay. For those uninsured or underinsured we offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire.

Covid-19 Update

For the health and safety of our patients and staff, we are implementing new protocols for patient screening and social distancing.